Students spend more waking hours every week in school than anywhere else. This makes the school one of the most formative institutions in a child’s life. As parents, you want to recognize the education of your child as an opportunity to instill a worth of Christian-inspired character traits and principles.

Below are the best reasons to send your little one to a Christian school:

To Form their Character

The curriculum and philosophy of Christian schools like Providence Classical School can help in bridging the gap in an era when character education is significant. Ethics, morals, and character development inform some of the school’s fundamental beliefs and values.

To Study the Bible

Christian schools teach the Bible and the inspired word of God which serves as a foundation for other texts. Kids in these schools become familiar with Bible stories at a young age. As they grow, they become familiar with the truths in the Bible. The Bible is centuries old; however, it is a timeless lesson brought to life in Christian schools and made relevant to the lives of children today. Sending your child to a Christian school gives them the opportunity to better understand the curriculum as it related to the word of God.

Form Moral and Spiritual Values

If you want to give your child the same moral and spiritual foundation that the Bible suggests, ensure to give them a Christian education. The best Christian school takes moral and spiritual formation as one of its important components. The school develops a caring community where everybody shares a unit based on care for one another; instead, of conformity. The school maintains a healthy environment for learning that includes authentic relationships. They want education to develop both intellectual and character to equip students for lives of services.

Be Taught by Teachers who Model Christian Principles

The teacher of your child is a necessary role model. They spend most their time in school under the influence of one or more teachers. Christian school teachers demonstrate and model Christian principles.

Be Educated by a School Whose Curriculum Aligns with Christian Values

Although strong academics are always at the forefront, Christian schools align curriculum with Christian values. Kids learn concepts in the classroom that they can view through a variety of lens including those of the Christian faith. For instance, while studying social justice, students can learn about why Christians must care about social justice following the examples of Jesus.

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