Whether to use a vending machine or not in schools is a controversial topic. It has a lot of misapprehensions, and valid concerns linked to it. Before you install it, you need to learn the right way to use the machine in school.  It will help you get the best benefits from it. This article states a few advantages of hosting a vending machine.

Low cost

Vending machines are low in cost. Kids who do not have money, or are deprived, can easily get access to snacks at an affordable rate. Summers can be the hardest time for students who rely on schools for their meals. No Kid Hungry is an organization that provides free lunch vending machines for feeding kids in the summer season.

No chance of missing the food

Another important benefit of having a vending machine at school is to prevent the chances of missing meals at school. This can cause them to suffer from malnutrition. If it continues for a longer time, then it can also result in development of diseases in the future. To solve the problem of “forgotten lunches”, vending machines come to as a great help.

By having a beverage or snack machine around, a child can easily take something from it and eat it without spending a lot of money. When the vending machine is around them, then it reduces the chance to forget meals.

Kids love them

Vending machines are a special attraction for kids. They love to be around the place where the vending machine is installed. Having a vending machine at school prevents students to leave school grounds to buy something to eat. So, there is no need to supervise them outside the school premises when kids do not return post the lunch break.

Looking at one student, many others also follow them in search of a meal outside. Such problems can be easily tackled by installing a vending machine at the school premises.

Best for fundraising purpose

Vending machines are also a great source for fundraising. With the help of this machine, a school can raise funds either for students or for the school itself, or any other external cause. The vending machine is seen to be a good way to encourage students to form a community and indulge in noble cause.


So, these are the positive reasons to host a lunch vending machine at a school.

Gabby luis