In case you are planning to start schooling for your child or searching a school that is right fit for your child. Whatever it is, you need to choose the best one because schooling is the basic foundation to get success in academic career, social and economical life.

To find the best school you should visit the schools within your city personally, meet teachers, and check classrooms and surroundings before making a decision.

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The following are few questions that help you in selecting the right school for your child education.

General questions

  • What is the school’s mission and philosophy?
  • Tell me regarding your school culture? (Check whether they discuss about community or about developing individual character)
  • What is the school strength?
  • How many teachers are there in the school?

  • What is the ratio of child to teacher?
  • What is the average number of students in a class?
  • How children will be settled in case they are not happy or lost?

Academic questions

  • What is the curriculum of the school? (Compare it with other schools)
  • How poor standard will be treated?
  • How well performed students in academic records will be supported?
  • Which type of fine arts fit will be included in the curriculum? How many hours will be spent to conduct fine arts class in a week?
  • What are the indoor and outdoor games offered by the school? How many hours in a week?
  • What is your school’s approach to academic grades? Are they pass/fail or letter grades? A narrative or point system?

Transportation and other facilities

  • Does your school offer bus facility for the students to come to school?
  • Is childcare will be offered even after school?
  • Does Snacks or food will be offered for the students? If yes, know what are the varieties they offer and at what time)
  • What are the extracurricular activities and clubs offered by the school?

If the school you visited can be able to provide answers for almost all these questions, then it will be one of the best choices to get admission for your child, otherwise move on. Visit at least 3 or 4 school and choose the best one for your child.

Gabby luis